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FOX News
Jul 18, 2010 7:00am EDT
will pay the penalty to the u.s. treasury to resolve the matter. the first family wraps up the weekend get away in bar harbor, maine today. how the locals say it. they're set to arrive in washington in early afternoon and they spent most the time in the national park and went boating on the bay and president obama is expected to return to the gulf coast soon for another look at the oil spill. those are the head lines. >> the president separated national ice cream day with coconut ice cream m maine. >> and rick, i don't know if you heard the controversy at bass kins and robbins. >> i heard it and i'm upset. >> the controversy about them removing french vanilla. >> they're retiring it and they're retiring something else like chocolate truffle. >> what's the matter, fine. but french vanilla. >> it's a state of michigple. >> send it to the blog. >> rick, get on the reporting. heat in the middle part of the country. second versus same as the first. all of the heat advisories, in place across southern arizona, nevada and 114, 115. in across the central plane heat building more across areas o
FOX News
Jul 11, 2010 7:00am EDT
to stay in the u.s. the house is to be put on the auction block by the federal government. sarah palin is targeting tweens. speaking up, the sarah palin story will be one in a series of books aimed at ten to 12 year olds. christian book publisher, the christian book publisher says the former governor and fox news contributor was chosen because she's a role model and motivated. those are your headlines. >> let's get out to rick reichmuth who should have borrowed my suit today because you're on a yacht today. is that right? you're on a yacht. >> right now i'm on a pier and i'm going to be on a yacht. i spent a good day on the beach, wanting to get more water in for weekend. down in battery park city, you can see the statue of liberty over my shoulder. we're out here today because there's a rock star of the sailing world who brought the u.k. and brought his brand new hugo boss sailing boat into new york city and why he sails and takes the risks he does. that's coming up. take a look at the temperatures as you're waking up. the temps not that bad once again across the country. improv
FOX News
Jul 25, 2010 7:00am EDT
. that is >> good morning everyone, it's sunday, july 25th, two u.s. service members are missing in afghanistan at this hour. we'll have a live report straight ahead with the latest breaking details for you. >> and bp getting back to work trying to plug the oil spill after tropical weather fizzled out and tony hayward might have one foot out the door. >> and a dam fails after heavy water, gushing down to the down below. our slogan this hour comes from chas in maryland, fox is the best and we all know why, we have aly, clayton and eric who doesn't need a tie. it's "fox & friends". >> did you message, did you mail chas? >> for the record. >> that's eric bolling, ladies and gentlemen, let's give him a round of applause, dave briggs is off at a wedding and i'm clayton morris and alisyn camerota. we have a lot of news. >> new information regarding the whereabouts of two missing u.s. navy service members in afghanistan and connor powell joins us live from kandahar, what is the latest, connor? >> well, good morning, the u.s. military says they have launched an extensive air and ground sear
FOX News
Jul 4, 2010 7:00am EDT
afghanistan. he received both the u.s. and nato flags at a ceremony in front of several hundred nato and afghan officials in kabul. >> we must demonstrate to the people and to the taliban and afghan and forces are here to safeguard the afghan people. and that we are in this to win. that is our clear objective. >> alisyn: general petraeus also pledged to go after insurgents in order to make afghanistan a safer place. there is new video of vice president joe biden and his wife jill celebrating today's holiday with our troops in iraq. the two presided over a naturalization ceremony. more than 237 u.s. service members were sworn in to become american citizens. >> all of you, thank you from the bottom of america's heart for your service and i might add, for choosing us, for choosing america. what a sight you are today. what a powerful symbol. what a powerful symbol you represent to those who yes or yr freedom all across the world. >> alisyn: coming up on "fox & friends," we will have a live report from you from iraq. joran van der sloot now suing the woman that represented him on the day
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4